After being a creative professional for most my life, I decided to paint full time, and while I am considered “self taught” I have drawn on my design education as well as studied with many great artists/teachers along the way. The most influential; Brian Simons, Darrell Hill, Slava Korolenkov, and Dreama Tolle Perry

Painting to me is many things; escapism, meditation, income, therapy, connection to source, but most of all joy. When I have created a painting that expresses what I want, it is sheer joy, and, paired with the endless challenges mastering this skill presents, there is ample to keep me returning to the easel.



I love all subject matter and remain curious, painting both in a studio as well as plein air.  I paint mainly in two locations,  Naramata, British Columbia and Hawaii , but also love to travel and paint. I am first generation German, and my last name pronounced “my” is one I chose from my grandmother, it means the month of May.

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