As the result of a recent workshop, I have decided to offer this service as I see a need for it.

I have taken many workshops, on line classes and read many painting books in a pursuit to learn how to paint.  These have all been beneficial to the development of my work and style. However in these formats of learning, one on one feedback is usually missing.  For those of us that value efficiency in learning, a critique from someone whose work you admire or respect, is important.


I offer coaching to anyone looking to get direct personalized feed back about their work. This can be a one time experience or, on an on going basis with exercises and lessons  provided.  I encourage those who want to paint, to learn from as many sources as possible, and start to develop their own style. I trust those that are interested in this service, respond positively to my work, as painting is so subjective.


You choose the subject matter, and paint the things that excite you.
Using me as a guide; how I would approach/do a painting. Or as a sounding board, offering fresh eyes, honest and thoughtful feedback and encouragement along the way. Techniques you can take away and work on your own. And for those that want to benefit from a larger platform, an ongoing Closed Facebook Group, with critique guidelines. (coming soon)


There is nothing more rewarding than to see a scared, shy reluctant painter, blossom with confidence and joy. A large part of that process is feedback in the form of a critique- the analysis of the merits, and perceived faults of an artistic work.

Coaching can take place via, email, text message, Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp
Pricing depends on: number and duration of sessions or per painting. Happy to work out a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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